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No matter where you bought it, whichever brand, model, or make we can fix it all. 100% customer satisfaction and reliable services. 30 days warranty on all the repaired items.

Sagar Electronics is the one-stop destination for quality repair services. We will extend the lifetime of your appliances. From replacing parts to diagnosing defects we will take care of all. Our workmanship and reliability can never fail to satisfy your expectations.

Electronic appliances not only contribute to our luxuries. They have become an integral part for us. If anything goes wrong then the schedule gets affected and problems start increasing. Leaving your appliances unfixed is painful. Buying a new one is not possible all the time. Hence, the only way remaining is to get them fixed. However, some repair service providers can ask you to pay a very high amount for repairing. This is surely not the case with Sagar Electronics and that’s what makes us different. We provide reasonable rates for our services. Save time and money.

Whether your refrigerator is not cooling properly or kitchen appliances are not perfectly working. Not able to power on your LED TV or Air Conditioner? You name it, our skilled technicians will fix it quickly and efficiently.

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Whenever electrical problems hinder your schedule or comfortability, rely on Sagar Electronics for fast, affordable, and reliable electrical repair services. Electrical issues can be a very big problem for anyone. Our technicians will fix the electrical appliances as quick as possible. So, that you can continue living a peaceful life.

Tell us about your problems now! We are always ready to help you. Contact us to book a repair appointment.